Not just simple stands.

The social and economic conditions that we are experiencing in last period, make us understand that the world is changing and, in order to survive, we must adapt and try to be innovative; we cannot pretend not to understand that technology helps us, that we must make the best use of it to distinguish ourselves.

We don’t just build simple stands, but hybridinnovative and futuristic ones!

On the market for 30 years, we know how important it is to participate in a fair and we know that the goal of each participant is to be remembered and expand his/her own business. For this reason, we want you to think about the fact that in the future most people will be “technologic”. So it is not enough to see a simple video presentation, people instead want to live a real experience!


Wide stands

Face to Face as the only sales technique

To display on stand large machinery and products

Brochures and business cards to make your brand recognizable


Wide stands

Video presentations


To display on stand large machinery and products

Brochures and business cards to make your brand recognizable

Study of new communication and social strategies for the future, caused by changes we are experiencing.


Resized stands, that are more functional and well-kept

Hospitality area to welcome costumers

To donate an experience to the clients

Use of VR to show the machinery

Use of augmented reality to explain the functionality of the product

Real time video conferences

Online virtual stands

Presenting ourselves to the world in a traditional way is no longer effective. To leave a mark on a potential customer, to make your brand recognizable, we need to bring out that “wow” effect that is nowadays essential. But, how to do it? We at Synergy have solutions that are innovative, effective, strategic, all based on your needs. 


Almost certainly we all have heard of Virtual Reality.

We can define it as a simulated reality in which the user is immersed and can observe, with fun, what surrounds him. This technology is able to give emotions and allows you to go into detail of what you are observing without any distractions. This is very important: the user has no other input but his concentration is directed only towards the product or service offered. In doing so, he pays more attention, gets involved and will be more interested in the product and brand in question. Many major brands already use this system for their marketing strategies. Companies choose this tool to present them in an innovative, compelling and creative way.

 Virtual reality becomes a synonym of reasoned and personalized purchase: the customer will have the opportunity to evaluate what he sees and what he interacts with.

The donated experience will surely have benefits for your brand because it will be easier recognized than in any other marketing campaign.

It is estimated that people remember the product and brand 8 times more after experiencing it in VR, compared to the standard ADV video. If your company produces large machinery, bringing them to the fair requires a considerable effort, both in terms of logistics costs and space on the stand, as well as in management. It is for this reason that we offer virtual reality technology to present your products! 


When we speak of augmented reality, instead, we mean a system that allows us to offer additional information on the reality that surrounds us. What does this mean? That by observing a simple drawing or an image with ad hoc glasses or simply with the smartphone, the user is able to see much more: information about the product, videos and much more!


For many companies to participate in a trade fair takes a long time and costs that in certain situations cannot be beared. Furthermore, conditions we are going through in this period do not allow us to have social contacts, nor to conduct life as before. We cannot know what the future will be like, but we are certain of one thing: we must use resilience. Yes, resilence is the ability to cope with traumatic events in a positive way, to positively reorganize one’s life despite difficulties, to rebuild oneself while remaining sensitive to the positive opportunities that life offers. We cannot be crushed by the obstacles we encounter and we cannot limit our business. For this reason, we are able to offer you the opportunity to participate in online fairs, with virtual stands. We can define this solution as a completely virtual network of companies and customers. You can start video conferences, webinars, watch presentation videos, chat in real time to ask for additional information and details. Basically, it has all the characteristics of a fair, but you can participate while in the office!

We are looking to the future, and you?

Come and discover all the services we can offer you!

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