We are innovative


Study of the project with your architects

Study of the project from A to Z: you give us your idea, we develop it together with the local partners at local costs. Realization of your project: we analyze your project and work on-site to have costs in line with your budget.


Skilled workers on-site

We follow your project from the design to the building of the stand giving you technical support and skilled local workers. 


Linguistic knowledge for a good communication

A bad communication may cause negative effects on your service and customers’ satisfaction. That´s why we work with high qualified partners with a perfect knowledge of the local language, so to improve the informations exchange and avoid any kind of misunderstanding.


Custom operations, if necessary

Where needed, we deal with the custom operations for you, so that the materials arrive without any hitch to the realization of your customized stand.


Additional services: catering & hospitality

If the aesthetic beauty of your stand is important for the image of your company, the hospitality you offer to your visitors plays a fundamental role: the more you „cuddle“ your customer with a good welcoming service, the better your brand impresses. Our idea of a welcoming service: making the visitors feel comfortable like at home, high quality of food and beverage, selected hostess to welcome visitors and provide them all the information, cordiality and professionalism of waiters and chefs.


Are you a stand builder?

We arrive where you can’t.
If you have clients outside Europe where you cannot offer your services, no problem, we have local partners and we can bring you everywhere!