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How to Stand Out In an Exhibition in Dubai

For every expo in Dubai, pop-up stands and exhibition stands are an excellent marketing tool. In the digital era that we are living in, meeting your clients and potential customers in person can give you an edge over your competitors. With the help of top-notch stand builders Dubai, you can get an attractive stand that will attract all eyes are on you and your brand. 

If you want your exhibition stand to be attractive, you must consider them as a medium to convey your brand’s message. But what exactly makes a winning exhibition stand? Backstage Synergy has vast experience in the industry and knows what you need for a remarkable exhibition stand in Dubai. 

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Your Story

A vast majority of businesses ignore the importance of an exhibition stand and just put out vague and boring messages, hoping it will do the trick. Such little effort will make your stand disappear into the background. 

Backstage Synergy wants to tell your story through the exhibition stands – a story that is only yours to tell. This will make the exhibition stand come to life. 

Your company or business consists of numerous elements and details that make it what it is today. Our job is to ensure that every little element is captured and incorporated into the exhibition stands. This will result in a unique exhibition stand that’ll help you stand out in the fierce Dubai competition. 

We can help you with your theme for the exhibition and capture the essence of your brand. 

Incorporate Your Services and Products

Product placements are essential in designing stands. Simply placing your products on the shelf is not going to garner any interest. You have to exhibit in such a way that it catches the attention of the crowd. 

For instance, if you are offering a skincare brand that is natural and organic, you can place it in a grass-covered living display to further highlight that element. If you are introducing a new kind of beer, you can set up a mock-up brewery and display what the brewing process is like. Having a theme will ensure uniformity for your entire exhibition and makes it look more professional and classy. 

You have got to think outside of the box. Even after your print comes out of the print shop, you can still continue decorating the stand to give it more oomph. As one of the most innovative stand builders in Dubai, Backstage Synergy does not just stop at making a show-stopping exhibition stand. We also make sure that it sells your products and services. 

Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we know exactly how to incorporate your products and services. We give attention to every minute detail so that your products sparkle. 

The Atmosphere

Your exhibition should be the place where talks happen and people are occupied. Even simple things like soothing music can make that happen. Just by adding string lighting, the entire atmosphere of your exhibition stand can light up. The message you display on your stand should also be warm and welcoming. 

Your Brand’s Imagery

Colors are very effective in dictating the mood. Almost every exhibition runs a white minimal theme. That is quite boring and generic; try something different. Experiment with bold colors and set yourself apart. 

What do we have?

We have well-trained stand builders, and staff members who will be working round the clock to ensure everything goes through smoothly. Even if there are untoward or unexpected incidents, do not worry as we are more than prepared for it. Leave everything to us, and relax for your big day. 

Why use us?

We will build you a lounge and meeting area will make it extra exciting. We will provide your visitors the extra time to study your brand and your services and products, which in turn will pull in more customers. 

The likelihood of potential customers listening to you will increase when they are relaxed and sitting down. Refreshments will also make your exhibition more inviting. Even small details like a charging station and free wifi will draw in customers and make them stay. 


As you can clearly see, even the smallest factor can contribute a lot to your exhibition. Exhibitions are no small event and a lot goes into making it a grand success. In can be tough to stand out. But with the right exhibition stand, you are sure to be the center of attention. 

Backstage Synergy has been working tirelessly for years in this industry, producing the best quality exhibition stands. But it’s not just excellent stand we provide, but we can assist you with every element of your exhibition. We can provide you with an award-winning exhibition experience

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