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Businesses have never been so competitive and it can be difficult to stand out. New start-ups are popping up by the second and established companies can be hard to tackle. A very powerful method of engaging a huge customer base is by participating in exhibitions and trade shows. 

It is a strong way of creating brand awareness. It also helps your company to effectively interact with potential customers and clients. Trade shows and exhibitions are possibly the best way to advertise your company. 

If you want to make the best out of an exhibition, you have to make sure that your exhibition stand amps up your visibility and conveys your company’s message which will pull in a lot of customers. Particularly if you are in Dusseldorf, the competition can be intense. 

So how do you achieve this? There is a simple solution. You have got to select the best Stand Builders in Dusseldorf to promote your brand.

Here is why you should choose Backstage Synergy: the best Stand Builders in Dusseldorf

What Do We Do?

We build the best quality and unique stands so that you stand out even amongst the best. Absolutely no compromise on quality. We’ve been in the industry for a very long time and we’ve helped numerous entrepreneurs shine on trade shows, events, and exhibitions by providing remarkable exhibition stands. 

What makes us unique is that our stands are personalized to your brands. 

We Understand You

There is a big difference between experts and amateurs. When you go to professionals and experts, they understand exactly what you are looking for. 

Backstage Synergy, your Stand Builders in Dusseldorf, truly understands your desires and requirements and diligently work to fulfil all of them. We help you to convey your brand’s message across the audience and increase footfalls to your stand. 


If you invest in an exhibition stand, you will probably want to use it numerous times and not just discard it after one use. Look for a company that gives you some sort of guarantee. 

At Backstage Synergy we build exhibition stands using the highest quality materials to create something that you can keep using over and over again. This also helps you save a lot of money.

Excellent Builders

Most importantly, you have got to make sure that the stand building company is in liaison with your brand and also with you. This guarantees that the stand company builds and maintains guidelines. 

We have well-trained and experienced builders who can understand your industry’s culture in order to properly convey your brand’s message through the stands.


Not convinced by just words? We totally get you. Backstage Synergy, the best stand builders in Dusseldorf, has hundreds of testimonials and references to show the quality of our stands. We have a lot of experience and we’ll be delighted to show you our past works so that you can make an informed decision. 

Your stands are being constructed by the best in the industry. We have partners across the globe and we bring a unique taste to your stands.

We Have All the Experience to Ensure Only the Best

Whenever you look into any company, experience matters - a lot. If you are looking for an exhibition stand company, you have to ensure that you are working with a company that has ample experience in building stands for the industry that you are working for. 

Stands are not just blocs of wood, but require in-depth research and skill. We have enough experience to understand how exhibitions and trade shows benefit your company and will work with you to make sure your brand stands out. 

There are numerous industries and every industry has nuances and intricacies of its own. We make sure that we incorporate every one of them into your stands so that they represent what your brand is.



Who says you need to rob a bank to get the best Stands for exhibitions? Backstage Synergy, your Stand Builders in Dusseldorf, provides the best quality stands at very affordable prices so that even if you are just a start up company, you will receive exhibition stands that are exquisite and true to your brand. It’s our passion to give you stands that sparkle and lets your brand shine, all at an affordable rate.

Some companies may appear cheap upfront but can charge you a lot once you have signed the contract. Even a minor alteration can set you back thousands of dollars. Many companies shadily do not reveal all the expenditure upfront. 

We assure you of transparency. We will inform you about all the expenditure so that there are no hidden charges. Preparing for an exhibition can be stressful all by itself and you should not be worried about extra charges.

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We Work With You

Its not just a stand, but its your brand. You probably have an idea about how the stand should look like and you should receive nothing short of that. With our expertise and experience we work closely with you so that even the tiniest detail is incorporated into your dream stand. If you want to stand out, you have got to make sure that the stand incorporates every detail of your brand.

Got last minute ideas to make your stand even better? Don’t worry; through our years of experience we have come to realise this is completely normal. We are open to last minute alterations so that you truly excel at the exhibitions.


When you are participating at an exhibition, you have already got your hands full and making lots of adjustments to stand out from the rest of the participants. The quality of your exhibition stand is crucial but you should not be worried about it. With Backstage Synergy, your Stand Builders in Dusseldorf, we make sure that the exhibition stand is the last of your worries. We completely understand your needs and requirements and will fulfil every single one of them. 

Trust us, we don’t do boring and vanilla. Competition is fierce, and we are here to guarantee that you will shine with our stands.