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Five Expert Tips to Choose the Best Stand Builder Company in Johannesburg

If you’ve been or are planning to participate at an international trade expo, your primary goal should be to STAND OUT. The competition is always fierce but having a stunning exhibition stand can take you to the fore front. Plain and vanilla stands just don’t cut it anymore.

Whether it’s for an exhibition or any other event, there are so many companies providing these services that it can be difficult to choose the right one. You will definitely want a company that offers you exceptional customer service, quality construction, and original design. But how do you go about it?

Here are five expert tips to pick the best companyat

1.Does Your Company Sub-Contract?

If they do, it can significantly impact the finished product and the cost of your display stand. Some companies design your exhibition stand and afterwards sub-contract the actual stand build to a different firm. You can end up paying up to 20% more with this kind of arrangement compared to a company who will build, design, and set up your unique stand all by themselves. This can personalize your approach and save you lots of money.

Another disadvantage of using sub-contractors to build your stand is the deadline and the lack of flexibility. It is typical for customers to request for last minute alterations, however if there is more than one company involved, it can be hard to materialize the changes.

Go for services like Backstage Synergy, your stand builders in Johannesburg, who has all the skill-set to design and build your stand in-house. Whatever design concept you may have, we’ll be working closely with you to turn it into reality. You also get to save a lot of money and if there are any last-minute changes you require or any untoward issue pops up, we will deal with it ASAP!

2.Don’t Always Go For the Cheapest

Whatever you are looking to purchase, cost is always a significant factor. But do keep in mind that if it is too cheap to be true, you will likely end up getting what you paid for. The manufacturers will have to find ways to compromise with the quality of the stand.

Additionally, even if it appears cheaper at front, some companies can find ways to increase the price once you are locked in a contract. Even minor changes can result in disproportionate price increase. You may be tricked into thinking that you are paying for the full stand only to realize later that you own just a small portion and will have to pay for numerous other factors.

It is hard to find a transparent company. Backstage Synergy, your stand builders in Johannesburg, lets you know everything you are paying for so that you don’t get a shock later. We also make no compromises with the quality of your stand.

Only the best, nothing less.

3.What Do Their Customers Say?

Speaking to existing and past customers will give you a transparent knowledge about how the company works. Question them on the costs incurred, customer service, finishes, and the quality of the products. Was the company flexible with the changes? Were they co-operative throughout the entire process? These are just some of the questions you need to keep in mind while looking for your stand building company.

4.High Demand

This can be unearthed with some research. Well established stand builder companies always have a steady flow of projects and clients. They will be ready to furnish the information so that you can see their designs. An excellent stand building company can design stands for different categories of companies. You have to ensure that the company designs stands that are truly unique to you and your exhibition or event. If applicable, they must adapt to your company’s branding, services, and logo.


Backstage Synergy, your stand builders in Johannesburg, has complete faith in their art and we are more than willing to show you our previous work and our previous client references as well. We want you to have the best experience possible. Looking at our previous works or referrals will provide you with an idea of our quality and excellence.

Do They Have a Global Presence?

Why settle for a local company when you can opt for one that serves across the globe? Having a global presence ensures that the company can adjust to varying taste and even bring a unique flair to your stand. Besides, only a reputed and distinguished company can serve numerous countries. A company that makes stands in numerous countries can help you make the most unique stand and materialize your dream concept. Whether it is an exhibition or event, your stands will surely stand out.

Backstage Synergy, your stand builders in Johannesburg, has a global presence with offices located in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and United Kingdom, serving excellence across many countries like India, China, Taiwan, Spain and many more. 



Particularly in exhibitions or events where you are trying to make a sell, having a remarkable stand will make or break the deal. Under such circumstances, you will be surrounded by many other companies and your primary job is to stand out and catch the eye of the visitors. Even if you have a good stand, it still may not be enough. The trick is to have an excellent and unique stand that is true to you and what you are trying to sell.

There are plenty of companies that will just churn out stands like there’s no tomorrow. But you need one that will listen to your every idea and detail. Backstage Synergy, your stand builder in Johannesburg, is here with you and will guide you with the entire process so that you get exactly what you dreamed of.

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